We don’t just sell flooring products at Gary’s Floor & Home; we strive to help our customers, families, and homeowners protect their flooring investments and enjoy their dream homes for decades. With these best hardwood care and maintenance practices, you can keep your planks looking attractive while spending less time cleaning!


Taking preventative steps is the best way to maintain your hardwood around the clock. Sweeping and dust mopping as frequently as possible will always be the key first step. Use mats at all entranceways and consider having residents and guests remove footwear by the door. Add area rugs with the appropriate backing for hardwood floors throughout the home as another line of defense. Make sure to keep all pet nails and claws trim to avoid scratching the wood surface, brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander, use mats under food and water bowls, and complete house-training before your pets can spend time on hardwood.

Hardwood Spills & Stains

In an active home, spills and spots will eventually land on your hardwood. When they do occur, treat them as soon as you can with paper towels or a clean cloth to prevent discoloration and warping. Avoid using harsh cleaners and only use a gentle, wood-specific cleaner in the area. Make sure to always dry the wood floor with a clean cloth and leave no moisture behind. You can use liquid scratch concealer, wood floor polish, floor wax, and touch-up kits as needed, but always read all instructions before using them to ensure the product is safe for your wood species and finish.

Hardwood DIRT & DEBRIS

When it comes to caring for your hardwood, always remove loose dirt, dust, and debris regularly as a cleaning and precautionary step. By sweeping, dust-mopping, or vacuuming your wood floors several times a week, you are removing particles from the surface, thus preventing abrasion and scratches. In addition to sweeping with a soft bristle broom, dust-mopping your floor with a microfiber cloth or dust mop is the best regular practice. To vacuum your wood floors, make sure your model has no rotating brushes. If your flooring manufacturer has warranted your hardwood surface for mopping, follow the guidelines strictly, use the least amount of water needed, and dry your floor with a microfiber cloth.

Hardwood Installation

Once you have selected the beautiful hardwood to complete your design vision, it’s time to prepare for installation! The installation experts at Gary’s Floor & Home have compiled our best tips and practices for you to complete before, during, and after the hardwood installation process. Learn more about what to expect here:


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